Aston University, UK

Applied Microeconomist


Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Aston University

I am an applied microeconomist working as a Lecturer in Economics ​at Aston University, UK.

PhD in Economics, University of Leicester (2016)

My PhD was supervised by Martin Kaae Jensen and Chris Wallace and examined by Alessandro Pavan and Fabrizio Adriani.

Main Research Fields: Game Theory and Behavioural Economics

I am also interested in Decision Theory and Industrial Organisation.



"A Representation Theorem for Guilt Aversion" (with Martin Kaae Jensen) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 125 (2016): 148-161. 

Working Papers

 "Information Espionage in a Duopoly" - job market paper

"Are Payoff Maximisers More Cooperative? Evidence from a Prisoner's Dilemma Experiment" - available at SSRN 

Work in Progress

Public Good Provision Mechanisms and Reciprocity (with Antonio Nicolo)

Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium in Market Games (with Indrajit Ray)

Broken Tyres & Flat Engines: Signalling Expertise (with Matteo Foschi & Alexandros Rigos)​


Lecturer at Aston University

Economic Environment of Business (MSc)

Business, Government and Society (BSc)

Senior Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield

Microeconomics (MSc)

Intermediate Microeconomics (BSc)

Quantitative Economics (BSc)

Economic Theory and Applications (BSc)

GTA at the University of Birmingham

Advanced Microeconomics (PhD)

Game Theory (MSc)

Microeconomics (BSc)


Maria Kozlovskaya

Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom