Aston University, UK

Applied Microeconomist

Lecturer in economics at Aston university


"A Representation Theorem for Guilt Aversion" (with Martin Kaae Jensen) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 125 (2016): 148-161. 

Working Papers

 "Information Espionage with Asymmetric Spying Ability" - job market paper

"Are Payoff Maximisers More Cooperative? Evidence from a Prisoner's Dilemma Experiment" - available at SSRN 

Work in Progress

 Vickrey-Clarke-Groves Mechanisms and Preference for Reciprocity (with Antonio Nicolo)

Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium in Market Games (with Indrajit Ray)

Broken Tyres & Flat Engines: Signalling Expertise (with Matteo Foschi & Alexandros Rigos)​


Maria Kozlovskaya

Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom